Markcfg7 not present, only Marcfg0. How do I get the Markcfg7 file?

Good morning. First time posting…

I have a Haotian Laser brand, HT-50 Model (has 300x300 work area)

I am using lightburn, and when following the set-up tutorial videos on youtube, and when it says to import the settings from EasyCad2, I get to the part about the Markcfg7.
In the files I was provided, I only have the Markcfg0 file (which the video specifically says not to use because it’s not the right one)
Any help or suggestions on how I can acquire this Markcfg7 file? I know it is laser specific, but I have not had luck yet getting a response from the maker.
Thank you for your time and help.

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