Marked square not within framing lines LB 1.2 Beta

I have a 40x40mm square. I’ve calibrated the red framing lines to show my marks to be just inside the red frames. The outer parts of my marks fall short by about 1.5mm from the red frame lines. The upper left corner in this case, shows the marks not getting all the way to the frame lines.This link shows a photo of that issue:

I did the cor file numbers two times. Up loaded the file into LB 1.2.

If I mark this 40x40mm square in the center of the work space, it’s perfect on all four sides. If I move the 40x40mm square to any one of the corners of the work space and mark, I get what you see in the photo.

You can see the inside vertical and horizontal lines are spot on (I set my marks to be just inside the red frame).

I’m out of ideas and thinking this is a LB 1.2 issue. EZCAD2 does not do this and I have loaded the same cor file into EZCAD2.

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