Marking changes the size of T1 and T2, padlock closed

I use T1 and T2 to arrange my work, and to set the startpoint of my laser.
ex: I draw a rectangel 200mm wide 300mm high lock the padlock.
Inside that i arrange my work, do my settings, click outside the rectangel and with the mouse draw outside all to mark it. Place the laser in bottom left of my wood, starts laser and burn.
But here comes the problem, Lightburn have changed the size of T1, even the padlock i closed.
A closer look at the screen, i can see that the marking dont have the same distance to T1 all the way around, and my work is misaligned.
It mostly happen in Y direction, but i have been able to make it happen in x direction also.
It only happens in one direction at time, thats why i mention the closed padlock.
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Uffe Pedersen

My first thought is: have you tested “Calibrate axes” to see if your laser is doing what size you ask for?
Try “Edit> Machine settings”
Machine settings to calibrate axes

In Lightburn, draw a box 100mm by 100mm and set it to lightly burn a square with a line.
Burn it, and measure the box. Write down what each axis drew, write that down.

Then enter the requested numbers and actual measured in the correct X and Y. See. if that helps.

Thank you for your answer, but its not an alignment problem. Its abaut the software changes the messurment, and it showes up on the screen, hight or widt, not both on the same time. When the padlock is closed both messurments should change but they dont.
I made a mistake when i posted to this forum, it should have been posted to lightburn direct, and i have sent them a mail now

Maybe its the changed behavior of T1/T2 with 1.3x, that was discussed here:

In my eyes still a bug :slight_smile:

Yeah indeed its stil a bug.
Workaround till tje fix it is

  1. Use other layer with low power settings for framing

  2. Instead of the normal frame button. Use the rubberband frame button

With rubberband framing the tool layers will frame

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OK- I have a better understanding of the problem. Which version of Llightburn are you using?

Please note the part of the toolbar:
Lightburn move from

Try using a different “start from” point when you change the size to see if it helps “grow from” a particular side of your Tool layer object. In this example, the part will change size away from the top and left at the same time.

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