Marlin 2.0 BTT SKR 1.3 with 2130's

First off, I love lightburn and have been having fun. It’s working great on my uno and a CNC shield. I wanted to upgrade though to TMC2130’s to have sensorless homing on my machine. That all works fine, and with Pronterface, I can control and do everything I need to. Machine works, laser commands work etc. I did use LASERMODE and using the Servo pin for TTL control(need to get it to go max 5v yet instead of 3.3, but that’s another issue).

So now that the backstory is done, the issue: In lightburn when ever I do 1 action, Move, Get, anything that should return data, I get the data for that action and then it sits at “Busy” and does not respond anymore. I’m not able in the console to send any commands etc. Is there a setting I’m missing in Marlin that sends an OK on every action or something like that, that needs to be enabled and isn’t? Does having “LASERMODE” on in Marlin so it uses the M3S, M4S, M5 commands cause an issue?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Forgot to say that motion control and everything still works from the display I have connected.

Marlin is the system I’m least familiar with, however every GCode command sent to every controller we support does return an ‘ok’, which LightBurn looks for. If Marlin isn’t responding with ok after each command, that would certainly cause a problem. I honestly don’t know if there’s a way to configure Marlin to send or omit that response though - you’d have to check Marlin docs for that.

Hey Oz,

Thanks for the follow up. I did find and enabled the advanced ok(Marlin code below). So I do get that. What is interesting is I still get to send one command and it stops. Is there a better log for the communication than the console? It just shows:

Port opened, waiting for response.
Starting stream

Then the “Busy” bar shows up on laser at 97% and is just running a timer(2 minutes and counting) till I disconnect/re-connect.

// Some clients will have this feature soon. This could make the NO_TIMEOUTS unnecessary.
// Transmission to Host Buffer Size
// To save 386 bytes of PROGMEM (and TX_BUFFER_SIZE+3 bytes of RAM) set to 0.

You can go to Help > Enable debug log

Once enabled, all comms get logged to Documents/LightBurnLog.txt though it’s hex coded. Try sending a command after enabling the log, then quit LightBurn and post the log file here. I can have a look, though it likely won’t be until Saturday or Sunday - moving tomorrow.

I really appreciate you looking at this, and yeah no rush on my part, moving sucks(hopefully it’s a wanted/upgrade move). Output is below. this was with my SKR1.1PRO(finally got that working), but I can do the SKR 1.3, Different chips, but pretty much same build of Marlin. Difference is 1.1 has TMC5160’s instead of 2130’s, but behavior appears same on both. As the pro is what I would like to use, I posted that. Did a quick convert on the Hex:
Command ran:
G21 G54
G1 X100 Y250 F6000 S0

Next Line:

No response. I ran these commands in Pronterface and they seem to run fine. With debugging on I geto an OK back. Last line:
RECV: ok

09:42:47.548 D: “LightBurn 0.9.04” “Fri Oct 4 2019”
09:42:50.183 D: Found port: PID 22336 VID 1155
09:42:50.184 D: Manufacturer: “STMicroelectronics.”
09:42:50.184 D: Product: “STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port”
09:42:50.184 D: Name: “COM3”
09:42:50.217 D: Port open succeeded
09:42:50.233 D: “starting” busy: false state: 0
09:42:50.296 D: “Attempting to connect” busy: false state: 1
09:42:50.296 D: “Connecting…” busy: false state: 1
09:42:50.297 D: O: “0a”
09:42:51.641 D: got stream
09:42:51.641 D: S: 8 TB: 8 LC: 1 OK: 0 RC: 0
09:42:51.641 D: S: 4 TB: 12 LC: 2 OK: 0 RC: 0
09:42:51.641 D: S: 22 TB: 34 LC: 3 OK: 0 RC: 0
09:42:51.641 D: S: 4 TB: 38 LC: 4 OK: 0 RC: 0
09:42:51.643 D: 38 bytes in 0.002 seconds, 19000 avg bytes per second
09:42:51.643 D: 4 lines @ 2000 avg lines per second
09:42:51.643 D: O: “473231204735340a4739300a4731205831303020593235302046363030302053300a”
09:42:51.645 D: O: “4739300a”

That’s odd - Marlin has not responded in any way, or you’d see a line with D: I: “xxxxxxxx”

The coding is D: (data), O: (outgoing) , I: (incoming)

The last two lines in your log are:


Decoded, that’s:
G21 G54
G1 X100 Y250 F6000 S0


So, your controller has not sent anything back in response. It’s possible that you have the baud rate incorrect. Check that in Edit > Device Settings and make sure it matches what you have set in Pronterface.

So I feel like an idiot. I didn’t run the check for updates and was on 0.9.04, on 0.9.07 works like a champ… Thank you again for the time!!! I really do love this software!!!

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