Marlin M03 Causing Pauses?

I just did a fresh install of marlin-2.0-bugfix with the laser features enabled. It seems like the gcode generated is such:
M03 S20.4
G1 X-0.1 F60000

Is there a way to change it to output G1 X-0.1 F60000 S20.4

Marlin now supports taking both in the same command. I wonder if that would speed my raster up. Right now it’s going to take hours.It stops every time it changes power rather than scanning back and forth adjusting as it goes like I’d expect.

If there’s some setting I’m missing please let me know.

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It would be easy enough to run a simple GCode test to verify if it works the way you think it does. I haven’t heard this complaint from anyone else though, so I suspect it might be something specific to your configuration.

Yeah, I’ve had some trouble getting it all up and running. Not sure why it stops when it’s engraving though. This is at 200mm/s:

It looks like it has to do with intensity changes. I swapped boards thinking one of the timers was shot but the replacement board is doing the same thing. If someone has a suggestion on what version/bug fix of Marlin to get I’d appreciate it. Both Cut and Fill seem to be working great. Raster is the only thing that’s a mess, but I can accept it if that’s just a limitation of Marlin on my K40.

Just to close this I reckon. In m3-m5.cpp in Marlin currently there’s a line that reads:

that waits for G commands to complete(stop moving) before the M3/5 command will “take” thus the stuttering movement.

Oh, wow - yeah, that would do it. I knew Marlin was a poor choice for laser use because it didn’t support velocity-variable power, but I didn’t realize it paused on changes too.

Newest bugfix actually might even support that too. Looks like with power inlining we’re getting a little less bad support! Really love the app! So much better than Inskcape workflow was. Need to see about getting Inline in there and posting that on some of the K40/Chinese laser cutting sites. I think that one video alone would be worth the conversion for a lot of people. I can provide the config I’m using for my K40 and the commit I pulled from Marlin if someone wants.

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