Marlin Machine settings window


derar lightburn

can you add Machine Settings window for software ?

@fikret Unfortunately that’s just not possible for Marlin. The only gcode-based firmware that supports that is GRBL.
Which brings me to an important question… What machine profile did you use when you setup your machine?
The “Machine Settings” menu option should not even show up for Marlin. My guess is that you configured it with the GRBL profile instead.

For example. picture GRBL machine settings .

From everything I’ve read, Marlin configuration is done by recompiling the firmware. There’s no way we could provide a way in LightBurn to let you send new settings to the board if they’re compiled in to the firmware.

No .marlin support EEprom restore. M503 - Restore Settings


EXAMPLE : STEP/MM--------------> M92 X500 Y500

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