Masked raster out of bounds blocks sending output, frame functionality is also broken

To recreate:

import large raster image, place it partially out of bounds
create small shape in bounds
use tools → apply mask to image
send it to laser

LightBurn will complain about element out of bounds

Similarly “Frame” functionality will frame skipped parts of raster

What controller is in your machine?

Is “Ruida” a type of controller or sufficient to answer that?

It is ATMSolutions C02 PRO35 MINI if that would help.

Ruida is enough. I’ll check the code that computes the framing region.

Is this with 0.9.20 or 0.9.21? I’m not able to reproduce this behavior on mine, so it’s quite possible this is fixed.

0.9.20. I can retest it with 0.9.21

Still present. Somehow Linux only?

Can you attach the LBRN project file so I can try it here?

bug.lbrn2 (31.5 KB)

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