Masking a photo

HI I am trying to mask a photo, but apply mask to image but it stays grey. I have tryed with, right click, menue tools, and hot keys but nothing. I have got the latest version of Lightburn. Ive been doing the process with the help of the LB Manual and you tube. can sombody please help me

It’s not the easiest explanation, but it still hits the mark. If it doesn’t work, you can upload your picture and the desired mask here and we’ll look at it

When you want to mask a photo you have to have the mask as a closed object and both selected.

It can only be the image and the mask that are selected

When the tools are grayed out, it means there is no option, so it’s probably how you select it…

If you drop your .lbrn2 file here, we’ll look at it and probably give you a better solution based on your case…

Good luck


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