Masking vector with second vector

I have a camo vector that I want to mask with an outline, is that possible?
File attached.
SlideMask4.lbrn2 (291.4 KB)

SlideMask4.lbrn2 (170.8 KB)
No way to mask, just Intersect works, following these steps:

  1. Select first camo layer
  2. Right Click on the graphics > ungroup
  3. Click on Weld (select Window > Modifiers from the top toolbar if it doesn’t show up in the left sidebar)
  4. Duplicate your outline - Ctrl+D (so you have another copy for the other layer)
  5. Select the camo layer and outline and click Intersect from the same modifiers menu.
  6. repeat for the other camo layer.

I’ve attached a file in which i did those actions, i suppose C01 was the outline

Would be much easier to do in Illustrator/Inkscape or other vector graphics program :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for the quick reply.

Worked like a charm. Thanks!

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Do you have a few slides laying around to set this up as far as settings go? Looks kind of digital…

I do like it.


Downloaded a camo pack from etsy. Try a few more styles before I apply to a functioning piece, but the digital does look good.

Looks nice!
Pro tip: on google images append “filetype:svg” without the quotes to find a lot of free resources :slight_smile: For example, searching for “digital camo filetype:svg” will show you some nice alternatives that can be downloaded directly without paying a dime

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