Masking Within a Gradient

Hi guys,

I’m trying to cut out clean text from a gradient and struggling with alignment and sharpness! I’ve figured out masking but the text isn’t being cut ‘cleanly’. Here’s a picture of what I’m getting:

I’m working at small scales here, like 25mm width of the whole item. Anyone got any tips or tricks to sharpen this up? I feel like it’s a pixel grid problem maybe?

Return to the workspace in LightBurn,

Right-click the image. Pause and enjoy all of the stuff the Devs put here… :slight_smile:

click ‘Adjust image’.

There’s an Image mode box on the Left hand side. I believe you have a dithering method selected and that’s giving you an ‘ordered’ or a ‘newsprint’ effect.

You can fully override all the dithering and attempt the grayscale that you’ve got by opening the layer with the image in it, and turn Pass-Through on.

This will generate a faithful rendering of exactly the gradient that you have.

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