Master slave version

Well here gors nothing i have lightburn installed on my macbook which is connected to my diode and co2 laser dedicated machine its 13 inch low footprint and great machine however i doo all my designs on second machine larger 24inch imac due to bigger screen and easier work. What i would like to acomplish is without using a share folder for my project to be able to directly send it to a connected machine like spool it and controll the laser from bigger machine thru network. If this allready exist please help me find settings.

We do not have a way to do this at this time. It’s an interesting idea, but for now you’ll need a file sharing system, like OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

A simple solution could be a screen sharing program like VNC (Put the server on the host computer) and clients on all the other ones, then you can just access the desktop on the host and do designs, and laser control remotely?

This absolutely does work - there are a number of people I’m aware of who use a tablet connected to their PC for this.

I use network share folder and i use vnc the vnc is a problematic due to low resolution of macbook its hardnto fit all controls of liburn on it. It would be realy superb to have like a sharing network driver for controling the diode laser co2 is allready on lan.

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