Material for J Tech 7W

Merry X-Mas to all the nice forumists

What`s the best material for burnng fotos with 7W laser
And the settings please

If you would like them on tile, get tile, on wood get wood…

Kind of a nebulous question to attempt to answer.

There is lots of threads on this board about the Norton tile method. There are some excellent photos done with that method and an LED laser. Many do it on mirrors or glass and still others prefer more natural products like leather, slate or commonly, wood.

The chosen material reflects how small of a ‘dot’ you can make along with your lasers ability. An LED laser isn’t really good with acrylic, since the beam passes through it, I.E. it’s not opaque to the beam frequency so there is no ‘damage’.

This is common struggle, what’s best… You’ll have to pick a material for a kind of effect you wish and then you can proceed to fine tune your ability to engrave photos.

Good luck, is this a new Xmas toy?

Good luck.


thx Jack
i’ll have to try different materials.
I got it before x-mas

The best suggestion, lots of reading… Most of this isn’t ‘plug and play’ it’s more along the lines of ‘plug and pray’. There is a lot going on that you learn over time… Don’t be afraid to ask if you can’t find it on an Internet search…

The laser frequency has a lot to do with what you can ‘damage’ with the laser. Keep that in mind when doing research.

Start with simple objects and test them out with different materials…

Take care, good luck


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