Material for live hinge work

So, she wants a cook book with one of ‘those fancy slotted hing thingy’s’

I’ve gotten a good look at the patterns and such, but what material to make it out of? I work primarily with 3mm Premium MDF, and Epilog says they can be made from that, but what about the guys actually making them. I’ve also seen Basswod and a few other natural woods, along with Baltic Birch plywwod.

Suggestions? Things to look for or stay away from?

if these are the ones you are thinking of, I make them in all materials, Acrylic, MDF, HDF, Playwood … Except Acrylic, I give a little water or thin oil on the finished hinges, beeswax is also an option to keep the hinges flexible.

Glad to hear it’s not all that difficult. Hunting to find out what you don’t have a clue about can be interesting and frustrating at the same time. I wouldn’t have thought it possible with acrylic.I have some 3mm Premium MDF so that will be my first attempt. It’s a LOT stiffer and more brittle that the big box junk, so it will be interesting.

We make quite a lot of Living Hinge stuff here. We use Baltic Birch Plywood for all of it. It’s a fairly flexible grain wood that’s durable. We’ve had very good luck with it.