Material Library for xTool 20w

I got my first laser (xTool 20w) and wonder if anyone has a good material library for xTool 20w to share?

Done a quick search, this may get you in the ballpark

Thanks, I can see the page:) Is there any downloadable file or should I copy and paste all lines to the LB library?

That is just a material settings list provided by xtool, it is not a Lightburn .clb file.

You must compile your own material library manually. Info below

Those settings should be considered a starting point only, the only way I have found to create a useful material library is to do the leg work and complete a material test for every medium that you are using,


It is time consuming but well worth it in the end :+1:

Hi Sean
I have these libraries that I downloaded online. I hope they work for you.

Atezr-20W.clb (63.3 KB)
Xtool-D1-20w.clb (27.7 KB)


Thank you :slight_smile: