Material Library improvements and interaction with sub-layers

First, the new linked Material Library is awesome! Once we get standard cuts and materials established for our 40 and 130 W lasers, live will be easier.

But (there’s always a but), a feature request. It would be nice to be able to link a non-Multi Mode library cut definition to a sub-layer of another cut. I know I can link a complete Sub-Layer stack to a layer, but I can’t easily mix my own Sub-layer stack from a library.

Second Library item is another feature request. In our maker space we have a lot of users (100% of the people that take our LightBurn class) that buy Lightburn to prep their projects at home. The manually install two devices. They move their project via USB stick to a PC in our space before cutting. The feature where the library looks at the local settings for the material are good, but which library does the user copy to at home? It would be good if each Device had it’s own Library, and when I switch devices LightBurn switches the Library. This way, users can properly home-preview their projects on multiple machines.

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