Material Library- inches rather than metric?

Is there a way to change this? I am setup for decimal imperial measurements and I am attempting to transition from RDworks. Thanks Gene

There isn’t at the moment, no. It’s the last big thing that needs to be changed over.

Thank you, sir. Gene. I always seem to be the troublemaker.

Not to be a pest…, but, any vague timeline? I have a couple co-workers who have to do jobs when I am not available, and the laser [and library] is becoming relied upon more and more. Gene

Metric is sooo much easier to use in most applications that require small accurate measurements. Using metric fractions of imperial measurements is not easy to quickly convert. Try 17/64 as a metric measurement in the head. I was brought up on imperial till I was 15 then ‘forced’ to become bi-measurement. For distance from 2ft to miles I use imperial, when working with wood and machines I always use metric. Weight is predominantly metric as it is illegal here to sell in imperial measures, be it petrol (gas) or bananas. This is in the UK, so we have a ‘need’ to use metric for compliance with Europe.

It’s going to be a bit - We’re ramping up for a cross-country move at the end of this month, so development pace is going to be impacted. I’m putting the final touches on the current release, and the next one will likely not be until Aug or so.

As a stop gap, you could include the imperial measure in the name of the material - Less elegant, but it would work.

As Phil alludes to, the fractions are what’s going to do me in - I’ll have to change the system to allow them, display them, and convert them to proper numbers under the hood for sorting and such. I’m guessing that you’d prefer 3/32" instead of 0.09375", but the former means much more work on my end.

Phil and Oz- I am down with metrics and have duplicated all my Imperial tools with metric tools and use them more than anything. My problem is with the young’uns around here- I have them using decimals for material thickness but metrics make their heads explode. Truthfully they are very busy and have a lot of balls in the air that I no longer have to deal with. I would not even consider fractions were I you BTW. Thanks Gene

And Phil- didn’t we get the imperial measurement system from Ya’ll?