Material library with two machines - Speed variables changing constantly?!

hi there,

i have an issue with my lightburn and my two lasers: ortur lm2 and ortur lm2 pro.

I have a library for my materials. for example:

  • beech
  • engraving (no thickness)
  • speed: 2850
  • runs: 1

now i turn off lightburn and start it the next day. not every time, but i have seen this several times for now, the speed value (only this one!) has changed vom 2850 to - for example - 12000. the problem is, with 15 materials and a variety of settings for the two machines, i can’t have all the values in my head, to restore it permanently.

is this a know bug or can i have an suggestion where to look at?

best regards

here you have an example from this morning.
the original value was around 2500 or something like this. i have no idea.

I believe LightBurn stores a separate library for each device profile. Is it possible you’ve made changes in one and not the other?

Could you elaborate on

I am unaware, or need my drivers license revokes :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I have four machines configured…

Screenshot from 2022-08-28 09-30-10

When I look in at the library I always get what was previously loaded… of course it’s the same laser.

I have created a new library, and it shows up, but I can’t find a for each of my lasers. I created both of these libraries and they are the only two I can find… I have to manually ‘load’ the library sometimes and I’m not clear about that… I’m going back to the docs and see if I missed something…

jack@Kilo:~/mnt/dev-test/cnc/laser/lightburn-materials-libraries$ ls -l
total 56
-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack  1187 Aug 27 15:38 cenoz.clb
-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack 49429 Jun 25 19:16 plywood.clb

It seems to associate it to what was loaded when you configure it or what device you’re using when you create it with the ‘new’ option?

If I go to GRBL-1, it’s still the Ruida library… change to cenoz, it will change to that library…



This is what I was referring to. Taken from Release Notes.


If you have more than one laser, and they’re different types or wattages, there are new features in LightBurn that will make moving between them cleaner, and we’ll be continuing to improve this in the future. Your speed / units settings are now remembered with the laser, so switching to a CO2 from a diode will switch you from mm/min to mm/sec (or whatever you use), and auto-load your material library for the machine. The specific windows enabled are also saved / restored, so the console window will hide for a CO2 system, and reappear for diodes.

  • Material library preference is now saved / restored with each laser (changing to a new laser will load its material lib)

It’s possible I’ve misunderstood how this works as I don’t use this but I was referring to the dynamic changing of units and library per device.

The association is made by closing the program with a specific devices library ‘loaded’? That would account for the ‘new’ option working…

Sounds good… clarified that…


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