Material Library Wont Save

What would cause my media library to not want to save? I can load a new one, but when I click save or save as, nothing happens.

Do you mean Material library? (just making sure I understand properly)

Save As should give you a pop-up for a new filename, and Save just saves over the old one. I assume you’ve created one? When you say “nothing happens” do you mean that you don’t get the prompt for a filename with Save As? With Save, it just saves over the previous one.

Yes, the Material Library. I did notice that the save button does work, but clicking save as does not. I used to get the popup to save it, but now I don’t.

The save function does work, but I can’t get it to do the save as. Nothing happens when I click on it.

I am not able to reproduce using the latest beta running on a Mac. I select the ‘Save As’ from the ‘Materials Library’ window and am presented with a system-level dialog allowing file naming, directory navigation, and save functions. Are you saying you get no result at all when hitting the ‘Save As’ button as I am showing in the gif below>

Correct. When I click “save as”, I do NOT get a pop up window to save it. It used to work.

What version number of LightBurn and what version/release number OS you are running?

Windows 10. V0.9.14

Noted, thank you. I must also ask if there is anything you can think of that might be unique with your setup as you are the first and only person reporting this behavior.

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not that I can think. The only thing that changed since it last worked up was the latest update.

I do have LB setup on my MacBook pro too. I will see if that one works.

So it does work on my Mac. So there must be a security setting that got changed during a Windows update or something that is blocking it.