Material library

I have created a library for various materials but when I select the tick box option for no material thickness, instead of what I invisaged the saved setting being in the root of the description it creates the setting under a material thickness on -1.00mm.
Is this an error in the software?
Any suggestions appreciated

I’ve always thought of this as a design choice (a material with a negative thickness doesn’t exist). Afaik it is intended and labeled -1.00mm because of a lack of a better value.

Now that i think about it; entries to the material library with ‘no thickness’ are only used for scan and/or line engraving, right? Never for cutting (because that will always be thickness-dependent). In that sense, the material library could be arranged/designed differently, but actually I wouldn’t know how. Maybe allow to set a custom label that replaces the -1.00mm entry and is always on top of the list when a certain material in the list is expanded?

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