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I know my question has been discussed but I cannot find an answer. I have multiple materials in my material library and I can view them, copy them, save them, etc. I just can’t use them. I want to apply the material setting to a layer but am unable. I’ve selected the layer, selected the image that is assigned to the layer, and tried with different materials and layers. However, the assign to layer option is grayed out and is unable to be selected. All of the other forum topics discuss using it, but I can’t because it’s grayed out. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you attach a full screenshot of LightBurn where you’re attempting to do this?

I tried with an SVG file and the Assign to Layer option worked. JPG and PNG files don’t work. I made sure the PNG file that I tried later had a transparent alpha layer and the Assign to Layer option was again grayed out.

I found an SVG file that doesn’t let me Assign to Layer. I have not found any consistency with this issue.

This has really nothing to do with the specific design source. The only relevant thing is the layer type.

I suspect what’s happening in this case is that you’re attempting to apply a fill setting from material library to an image layer type.

Setup an image specific material setting and use that to assign to the layer.

It is showing up as an IMAGE type, but I don’t know the significance of the type IMAGE. Aren’t they all images??

Image in this context refers to the Layer Mode setting. This is in contrast to Line, Fill, Offset Fill. However, Image is not a selectable model. Image in the context of LightBurn refers specifically to raster images. Any raster image imported (from PNG, JPEG, or other) or generated in LightBurn will be shown in a Image layer type. Vector graphics do not go into an Image layer and will have Line or Fill types.

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Thank you for your help. I know graphics work but I’m new to using a laser and I’m still learning. I appreciate you taking the time to help with this issue.

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