Material Schneiden - Atomstack A5 (material cutting)

Ist das normal Ich will eine Furnierplate von 1,5mm schneiden ,doch ich muß 40mal eingeben um durchzukommen 3000und 100% ist eingestellt
Wie hoch oder tief muß der Laseropf sein um richtig zu schneiden

Is this normal? I want to cut a veneer plate of 1.5mm, but I have to enter 3000 40 times to get through and 100% is set
How high or deep does the laser head have to be to cut correctly?

Any chance you setup your lightburn in mm/sec and are using too fast speeds at the moment?

What power/speed settings are you using

Also edit → device settings
What values you have a SValue Max?

No its mm/min and the speed is 3000 40times
What is the distance from the lens to Material ? where can i read the SValue Max?

3000mm/min for cutting is way too fast
what power level? 100%?

EDIT → Device settings
Bottom right corner above Baud rate is Svalue max

Regarding focal distance i wouldnt know
You dont refer the module, or the power
What module is it?

I got the Atomstack A5 Power level 100%
Svalue is 1000

this is the frame, tells little about the laser
From what i understand on Atomstack you can have the A5 with multiple laser head outputs.
IF is a 5W 4000mm/min 100% power is massivly fast

anything above >1000mm/min is engraving territory unless you havea a 20-40W laser head
Anything below 1000mm/min is cutting

For a 5W you would need to cut that to the 100s - 300mm/min area

Thank you so much for help There are no multiple läser head what i see I will try and come back to you when you say its allright

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I am not versed on AtomStack product stack (pun intended)
However is important to clarify always which power output your laser head has, regardless of the frame

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Where can i read this what Läser I have

Normally the laser head itself has a label on it
It should identify several things one of which

Output optical power
This is the one that should define what laser you have
5000mW or 5W is common scaling for it

Take a picture if you like

Does this help?

This is your frame, therefore it has no reference to the module
Does the laser head have a sticker too?

thats all what i find

Definitly a 5W module

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