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I recently moved my LightBurn to a new computer and have updated most things. I looked at my Material Test library and it was empty. Where are the Material Test files saved?

I would guess you mean the materials library. That you have to make for your self… The functionality is there, you just have to populate it.

Some people might have something you could load, but the numbers would vary…

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By default they save to your documents folder (on Windows), but it offers you the opportunity to change the location, so you may have saved it elsewhere.

I actually do mean the Material Test. When using it, there is an option to save your test parameters. I have many saved in there and would like to move them to the new computer if I can.

I do not remember ever getting the option to select where the Material Test data is saved. I looked in my documents directory and did not find anything there.

I’m actually not sure either! I’ve just asked the wizards in the development team. It’s a holiday weekend in the states though, so it could be a day or two before we hear back.

In the meantime, do you still have access to the old computer? You can export the presets from the Material Test Generator (there’s a button), and that brings up a save dialogue that you can use to chose the location, then you can import that file into your new instance.

If you export the saved setups, it will allow you to select a directory.

The export creates a filename.lbmt file… I have a number of them saved, but there is no .lbmt file on my system, unless I export it.

Export your settings and then import them into the new machine…


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On the old machine go to File > Open prefs folder
And then in that opened directory the presets will be under ./presets/material_test_presets.lbmt
You would need to copy the entire presets folder over to the new computer.

But as mentioned by others you can also just use the export/import option.

We do have plans to make an all inclusive backup that will bundle in any presets like this in the future.

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The file was there! I was able to successfully copy that to my new system. It took a little bit of license switching between the two system so I could get the old version to open up. :wink: All is good now, I think.

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