Material test files

Is there a repository that has predefined materials tests for LB?

Better: Lightburn has a build-in Material test generator that allows to set up material test patterns exact for your needs.

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Right, I have been getting familiar with it. Its a pretty cool feature for sure! The reason I asked was i was not quite sure how to set up a test grid for deep engraving, so I wanted to learn from an example as a starting point. I did watch a few videos on using it so I guess Ill just jump in and set one up and go from there. Thanks

Test grids are a problem, mainly because, a fiber has two more available variables, frequency and q-pulse width… but a really effective variation is the line interval… so in reality, there are five.

My MOPA has a maximum power at 40kHz… a longer pulse rate will put more power on the material than a shorter pulse value. Both will probably do damage.

Laser Everything has a Masters class, that is not bad, but costs $8 month to join… I don’t usually do that, but I did when I got the MOPA… it was probably worth the money to pick up the materials library they created for the fiber… it’s a good starting place anyway… With one of these, $8 is pretty low cost for any education :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Varying interval and speed on these dog tags… you can see how warped it is because of the heat.

Good luck


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