Material Test Generator - Same Power on all squares

Hi. I just bought Lightburn and Im making a material test (with the internal material test generator) and noticed that, when the machine is running on the material, power seems to be the same along all the squares. They change in color only because the speed changes as it should, but the color is the same along each horizontal line as if the power is the same. It does the same issue on both, engraving and cut tests.

On the material test, the power goes from 10 to 80 %, and on the “Edit Material Settings” it has 10 as min and 80 as max. I have a dual head (150w & 60w) CO2, running this test with head #2 (60w). Ruida controller. Please note the speed is in mm/s.

What else can I check? What I’m doing wrong? Please see the photo.


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