Material test generator x and y center

In the material test generator, what do the x and y center options refer to? Is it from my laser’s set origin (which I have to lower left)?

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If you run the job in Absolute Coords, that’s where it’ll go. If you run the job using “Current Position” or “User Origin”, it ignores those values.

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Thanks, that makes sense. But since I’m saving the gcode (I don’t run the laser from Lightburn) what setting does it use? Is there a difference saving gcode in the dialogue box for the materials test vs. saving it in the laser window?

There is no difference. Whatever you have set as the ‘Start From’ setting is what it uses when it saves the GCode. If you use ‘Current Position’ or ‘User Origin’ mode, it will generate the GCode relative to your current position or user origin.

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