Material Test run away

I have one machine that does somehinf very weird on the material test.

its seems to start off ok and the each line keeps moving to the right just a little bit.

I have only Noticed this since 1.4.0 and not even sure if its lightburn or the machine.

When I do a normal job , all cutting and engraving works as expected, but only when I do a material test it seems a bit messed up

The speed is set 400mm/s, so its not because of a spead increase on each line, as you can see in the image on the left its changed to interval, so all lines run at the same speed.

Any usefull feedback would be much appreciated.

The controller is a Ruida 6445s.
Lightburn vesion is

I’d check the configuration settings on both controllers…

I use Edit → Machine settings, then save that to a file… Do this on both… On Ubuntu I use the diff command to find differences in the two files. You could use a couple of editors …

Looks like it’s losing steps when it’s scanning…

Good luck


I also thought it was loosing steps, but anything else I work with , cutting or engraving seem to be working 100%

its only on the material test though

Is the head making the same size/speed move when engraving?

Having used this the data is on a seperate layer, and that layer looks correct.

I has to be something in the machines configuration or it’s motor drivers.

Lightburn tells it how far or where to move… it’s up to the controller to tell the steppers what to do to get it done.


Seems like the classic Ruida gotcha. Try flipping the STEP signal polarity to see if the situation improves:

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