Material thickness vs Z0

I have a diode on a moving Z axis. Z home upwards. Upper limit is Z25 while Z0 is supposed to be focused to bed-level. So, after homing, getting positions shows Z as 25.

I read elsewhere on this forum:

If your Z0 is at the bed, instead of at the top, G0 Z10 (move to a height of 10mm) should move it to 10mm above the bed. That’s all the material height value does.

Now when I set material thickness eg 10mm and start a job, the Z stays at 25 instead of moving to Z10. MM per pass however nicely goes down. What am I missing?

I have altered my z homing to go to Z0 directly after homing.
This makes the material thickness setting indeed go up when starting a job.

However if you repeat the job it goes up 3mm again. I think the desired behaviour would be to either stay at Zthickness (absolute Z coordinate) or to drop back to Z0 after a job (like X and Y do if return to origin is enabled).

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