Materials libary folder

i am looking for the materials library folder, i was trying to add a few more categories and i hit ‘new’ by mistake and it wiped out all the settings. the usb stick that the original library was on has been damaged and i can’t access it any more, where do I find it?

This likely didn’t wipe out any settings. This created a new library to be referenced. You should be able to “Load” the existing library to get back your settings.

Try pushing “Load” and hopefully it will default to your existing file location. Then select the appropriate file.

If you cannot locate the file then do a file system search for all .clb files.

LightBurn does not ship with a populated library. You need to create or load one.

it was just load then all my other settings came back! cheers for that, was panicing a bit!
anyone got a good starting point settings for anodised aluminium? on a Co2 laser 100w
the assign function on this setting is greyed out so i took a stab at speed 300 power 25
was not to shabby as a guess but needs refining
thanks for your repiles ,alwys helpfull

I think as always a material test would be in order.

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