Materials library fails to create any entry on macOS

Hi there, using the latest Mac version when I try to create a material from a layer and type all the info in, click ok then click save and no entry appears in the list box.

Help please :slight_smile: I am a paying customer :slight_smile:


Did you enter both a material name and a description as well? You need both. And I’m not sure why ‘paying customer’ is relevant - we’d help you either way.

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I’ll try with description in a moment. I only mentions I have paid for lightburn as I wasn’t sure if support is offered if you haven’t paid for it and it could be my error.

Yep that’s it. It’s the description. If I don’t put it in it doesn’t add it. Thank you very much. I’d expect something like description to be an optional entry in programs usually but I understand why you need it. Perhaps a suggestion might be if you don’t add it in the future it prompts for the entry? Anyway regardless good to see a materials library. You’ve made my life easier!

It’s on the list of things to address shortly - I didn’t realize until recently that it would ‘accept’ the Ok button and just not create the entry. I’ve logged this as a bug so it doesn’t slip past again.

No problem. I know now.

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