Materials test - 6 hrs

Hi, im very new to my neje master 2s max… and light burn. I wanted to run a materials test i didnt change any settings and just pressed start. In the preview it said 6 hours. And once it started the first line was just a bunch of dots.

Ive used the neje app but wanted something more advanced.
But i really feel like 6 hours is way to long.
Can someone help pls.

Hi Sarah… welcome to the forum…

Usually this occurs when you have a high resolution such as a high dpi setting for that layer.

Start using and get in the habit of using preview, it will emulate what the head is doing. This gives you the ability to see what it’s expected to do when physically moving. Usually when you watch something at 1x speed, it’s pretty obvious what the issue is…

This isn’t very informative as most of the images we do are just dots or something similar … an example photo or something would be good. It’s also nice to have some idea of what material you are trying to lase…

You can also post the .lbrn2 file and photos by dropping them on the reply window or using the upload icon in the toolbar. In this case the .lbrn2 file is not much help since you are using the materials test… but it’s an fyi…

A screenshot of the engraving layer from the materials test may help us with giving you some better assistance…

Good luck


Here are the settings, the preview showing 6 hrs and what the laser produced afer about 10 minuets.

Welcome! Jack identifies an important setting worth checking, but I also want to share that you may need to “tune” the Preview to match the settings of the laser you are using. These adjustments help with the accuracy of the time estimate shown in Preview.

these are the settings… im not sure how to turn the preview ? sorry Sarah

From the window you show, click the ‘Additional Settings’ tab to expose the following information. Click the ‘Read From Controller’ button at the bottom to pull these numbers from your laser and set them for the calculation of time estimates shown in Preview. That’s what I mean by “tune” the preview. :slight_smile:

Additional Settings

The Additional Settings page contains settings used by the preview simulation engine to calculate acceleration timing, traversal speeds, and enforce speed limits when computing the time it will take to complete a job, and when simulating the job. These must currently be set manually by the user to match your controller settings, though our goal is to handle this automatically if possible.

sorry but i’m not sure if these are correct ?

I think the preview time is correct. Once the laser started it took a very long time just to produce the image i sent. Ive used the neje software with good results and had these type of burn marks when the speed or power were to high.

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