Materials Test Question

When doing a materials test you have the option here to adjust the speed and power for the material.

You can see I have it set for 600mm/min and 60% power.

My question is; how does this play into the materials test since I want different speed and power being tested?

Should I have the cut settings editor first image set for 0% power or 100% or some arbitrary value in the middle like 50%? What about the speed? Does the program just forget these values since its doing a test?

Sorry just checking for understanding of this and how it works. Boggles the mind for no reason… I think my mind has this question because I need to adjust this to see the text and sometimes I change from fill to line to see the boxes.

As far as I know, (Galvo/ fiber guy) Material Test only uses the settings in that window that are not selected in the two parameter fields. So in your case, Speed and power will be your min and max set in the Material Test Generator window, and interval, scan angle, bi direction, etc are set by your Edit Material Setting Window.

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Text is set separately

The way I understand it, LB takes the Min and Max settings you input on the Edit Material window (your 4000/8000 mm/m and the 20%/95%) and divides it by the number of Rows and Columns you choose to get the steppings for the boxes. These min/max settings override the default in the Speed/Max Power boxes (the 600/60% in your photo).

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