Max height & width question / Distribution-Alignment question

Hey guys, I have 2 questions. I’m engraving a specific product on a daily basis, the engraving space is lets say 30x10mm and I’ve setup a jig for that, where I can engrave 50 of those at a time.

  • I have 30 text elements. Is it possible to set max width AND max height to all of them, so they can scale up to whatever comes first (lets say max width 30mm, max height 10mm, if its longer text it will be 30mmx7mm for example, if its shorter text, it will hit the 10mm first, so 22mm x 10mm).
    The size ratio is locked (no stretching).

  • I have 30 text elements (randomly positioned on the lighburn canvas) and 50 square frames which are already properly positioned so they match my jig. Is it possible to allign/distribute those 30 individual elements, to the center of each of those square frames? I’m currently selecting 1 text and 1 square frame and hitting the center button but its really time consuming.

Thank you!

I think the best solution to your query would be to use Variable text. You could put all of the data you are engraving into a .csv file, then put variables into your spaces in your jig that will load all that data from the csv file into the appropriate places. You can set a Max Width for the text in the Shape Properties area as well that will scale the text once it gets to a certain width.


I saw that variable text might do the job, but still can’t find an answer to those questions:

  • Can I have 2 columns in the csv file, 1 with names, 2 with fonts.
    We offer our customers a choice between 2 fonts for their name engraving.
  • Variable text is working with Latin characters, but not with Cyrillic characters, any idea why?
  • My max heights are 70 mm width, 20 mm height. I made the %0 20mm height and set max width to 70mm, but all variable texts turned out stretched. Is it possible to keep the font ratio?
  1. No, you can not pick font with a CSV file.

  2. No idea, this would be a question for

  3. Not that I am aware of.

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