Max Power on machine vs power settings in Light Burn

Hi All. New guy here.
I am wondering how the max power on the machine settings combine with those power settings in LightBurn? To be specific. If I have the Max power on the machine set to say 60% and the power setting in a layer to 50%. Is this now 30% of the machines capability or does LightBurn override the machine settings and it is truly 50% of the machines capabilities?

Apologies if this has been asked before. Thank you!

¢hristopher £und

The pwm produced by my Ruida will map 30% power to a 30% pwm signal to the lps. Assuming no other limits at the time.

You can adjust the lps internal current control to limit your maximum current at 100% pwm. This will synchronize your percentage power value in Lightburn with percentage current through the tube.

On a Ruida, there are multiple places to put limits…

In the controller, you can limit the laser power, percentage wise to a maximum and minimum value. If your min/max in the controller is set to 30%/70%, then any value set in the layer < min will map to 30% and > 70% will be limited to 70%. Other values are not modified.

If the Ruida power values are set for a full range then power applied by min/max setting within the layer are scaled based on the start speed set within the controller. Works something like this…

Make sense?


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