Max speed for cutting or engeraving

Hi everyone , why it’s not possible to increase of speed more than 5000 for cutting or engeraving in layer settings ?
I using GRBL firmware??

5000 what? MM/sec? Inches/min? What units are you using in LightBurn? :slight_smile: We limit the max entry value for some controls as they are likely to never be achieved above that max setting for the systems supported.

I need to do a few tests using the lightburn software at very high speed, I have developed the GRBL firmware on a 32-bit ARM MCU so I need to do some testing😊

For clarity, you are wanting to run faster than 984.25 Feet per minute (5000mm/sec or 300,000mm/min), correct?

Yes. That’s right

Well, its limited because holy crap that’s fast. The Trotec Speedy 400 is 4.2m/s with a 5G acceleration (according to their marketing data) and is one of the fastest gantries I’ve ever seen.

I wanna see this thing move!

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