Max speed settings

Max speed was 100, now it’s in the 1000’s. How do I change it back?

Edit → Machine settings


Thanks, greatly appreciated

I am still having trouble changing the max speed from 6000 to 100, I have changed both the ($10) X max rate,($11) Y max rate to 100 and the laser moves slower, is there something else I need to adjust for the laser to recognize the new max rate.

I don’t know your machine, but this is the grbl listing I have for axes maximum speeds.

This is from my grbl machine via Lightburn machine settings.

Screenshot from 2022-07-18 16-35-45

You are using the machine setting to write it back to the controller correct?

Out of curiosity, why are you chaning this?


I recently bought a atomstack x7pro. I am currently trying to change it back as I said previously the max speed was 100. It changed to 6000 when I setup the rotary roller and and has been like that for the past 3 days however I did adjust the machine settings when setting up the rotary roller but I did not change the speed settings, I turned off Homeing cycle, soft limits and the hard limits once I was done I changed them back clicked write. Could this be what affected the speed settings?

Sounds confusing about what you did.

First step is to save the current configuration, in case something goes awry.

When you get a working configuration, save as with a ‘with rotary’ name. If you have the a working copy for rotary or no rotary you can set load and write it when you change.

Generally you have to slow down the Y axes acceleration and speed (I do). Does your rotary run off the Y axes data?

Did you try and change it back via the Machine settings? After you write it, read it. Some of these won’t let you change them or they reset back to some default when you reset/reboot. Don’t know about that machine.

I was hoping @berainlb would advise us…

Hang in there…


Sorry, I wasn’t following this thread too closely.

How did this change?

Those 3 settings would have no bearing on machine speed.

This is almost certainly not the case as it would be quite slow for that machine.

Can you enter $$ in Console and return the output text here?


This is what I got

Closing the loop on this Topic. Based on your DM sounds like you’re good to go so will retire from this Topic.

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