Maximum speed and power allowance for 60w chinese machine?

Hi everyone
newbie here, trying to work out the best power and speed for my chinese 60w blue/white machine.
Have spent hours experimenting but just cannot seem to get a nice soft finish.
Successful cutting at:
power max 60 min 50 (minimum needs to be at 50 to cut)
successful engraving at max power 15 speed 100

Engraving at speed 100 is far to time consuming.
tried speed 500 power 30, not a nice result.

all on 3mm plywood

any advice is appreciated

If you get a good result at 15%/100mm/sec, then 30@200, 45@300, 60@400, 75@500

But, even though your manual or spec says you can go 500, it’s unlikely, unless you like unwanted artefacts.

Try 50% at 300mm/sec and 250dpi and see what you get. You can tune power from there

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