Maxium Charactors exceeded line not execuded

I just bought the Ikier K1 Pro Max and have only succesfully complete on job. When i tried to expand it and run the project it threw this error and shutdown. I saw a post that another person had this problem and he checked wires on the X axis and really found nothing put it back together and tried to rerun the project and it worked. I have tried that really saw no issues with how the wiring layed. I am really starting to regret buy this machine. Side note we did purchase the extened rails. I have recalculated the size of the work space in Lightburn to fit the machine. It will frame it perfectly, so i know if fits in the work space. Anyone have any thoughts?

In the laser window can you save gcode and upload the file?

Make sure Enable Gcode Clustering s not checked in the Device Settings window.
Also, see if Transfer Mode is Buffered, and possibly checking Enable DTR Signal may help.

I’m new to this where do I find these settings

Just a quick update, it turned out. It was a more mechanical issue than anything else. A screw was left out of the guide rod that the X axis rides on it dropped down the X axis up. Looks like it’s gonna work now.

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