Maxphotonix MFP-20X Fiber Laser supply compatibility with EZCAD 2 - FBLI-B-LV4 (Rotary)

Original V1 EZCAD 2 board works with no issues but when replacing board to get rotary the new BJJCZ FBLI-B-LV4 card install issues. Changed power supplies, upped the voltage to 5.4v, cables and got a replacement card but no joy. Update: Well the replacement card turned up and I ran it without the Galvo head or laser attached and it ran without an issue, great I thought so connected the Galvo and the laser which got me back to square 1 with disconnection issues. Time for some fault finding. Well I had changed everything except the 5v power supply lead with a 2 pin connector. I removed the connector and soldered the wire directly - no change still disconnecting. Then I thought is it laser compatibility so I disconnected the laser from the board and then watched the galvo run 50 cross hatch passes without a disconnect. I even changed the laser connection cable to make sure that wasn’t an issue. Looks like the MAX Photonics MODEL: MFP-20X-NABBA6.4 may be the issue for me unless someone else can think of anything else.

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