May i change lines per inch into lines per cm?

may i change lines per inch into lines per cm?
thinak you :slight_smile:

It’s not clear what you want to do, sorry.
Can you describe it a little more.

(PS it is usually mm that is used in technical programs. In your example, it is a tenth of a millimeter.)

hello, thanks for answering!!!
when the laser machine does the engraving it “draws” lines on close the other.
the laserburning settings say" lines per inch"…but i am using centimetres. Do you know how could i change this paremeter? thank you

Ilaria, centimeters are “normally” not used in construction and mechanical operations on laser machines and metalworking machines. The measuring unit is too large, or better said not particularly suitable for this kind of work. An example, I just made some parts for a construction with many fine details. The material thickness is 0.8 mm. My kerfettings for this project are 0.075 mm. (0.0075 cm) If we get below a tenth of a mm, which is very normal, additional zeros must be added…
Inces are also used quite a bit by our friends who use the imperial measuring system. Here a mm is already 0.0394 in., and to my European eyes very confusing, what are we going to do with all those zeros though. :wink:

LightBurn does not have centimeters as an option in its settings at all.
But when you have worked for a while with millimeters you will quickly see the meaning of it.

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