Measurements are off and laser power too low

Hello, I have a NEJE master 2 30W laser engraver. I have flashed GRBL 1.1 firmware onto it.
I can move the axes in lightburn. When I try to burn an image the image comes out too big. The laser barely burns. Here are the settings:


Are these correct? And how can I change the measurements of the engraved picture? I set the mm’s correct in Lightburn but the burnt image is about 3 times as large. I want exact mm’s.

These look like some settings are the defaults and need to match that of your physical hardware. Is your system actually 200.000 X 200.00 X 200.00? $130, $131, and $132 are used to define the X Max travel, mm.


You will also need to tell LightBurn the correct size to match that of your firmware. This is likely the issue with the image being produced at a different size.

As for the power, would need to see what you tried to burn, what settings you used, and the result from running this job to better suggest potential solutions.

The settings there look like the GRBL defaults. Your $100 and $101 settings should probably be 80 steps per mm, but that’s a guess.

$110 and $111 are your maximum speeds, and those are too low (try 6000).

$120 and $121 are acceleration for X & Y, and I would try 1500 and 1000 respectively for those. Again, these are all guesses, but they’ll be closer to the numbers you need.

Thank you for your replies. This really helped me a lot. I have altered these numbers and sizing is correct now. And the laser has now cut successfully. Very happy. I still have to play around with the laser power, but that’s fine. Cuts are nice and clean but when I set the power in the software that came with the machine it cuts faster and deeper. So I will play around with some of the settings and take notes. I have only cut 2mm balsa so far, I want to do some 3mm and 4mm birch plywood and acrylic.

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