Measuring for and choosing Lightburn camera

Newbie here with approx 5 months experience. The Lightburn Forum is great and I have learned so much from you guys and gals. Thank you all for taking the time to answer questions and assist other Lightburn users.

After reading so many post that shouts the acclaims of having a camera it has prompted me to get one.

I have an OMTech 60w with a 700mm x 500mm table. Measuring from what appears to be the ideal position for the camera (to be centered on the table) to the usual height of my table it is around 31". I plan on using the mount that can be purchase through Lightburn and although I did not see the dimensions on it, it appears to be approx 1 1/4 or so thick.

I read in one of the posts where someone had a machine similar to mine and it was recommended to them to use a 5mp-140.

It appears to me in the Lightburn Camera Selection section that I would need the 5mp-60.

Any assistance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

Did you go to ‘Help → Camera Selection Help’?

It gives you a chart of suggestions…

Mine is about 23" and I use a

8MP 70° Wide Angle Lens USB Camera Module 3264*2448 w/IMX179(1/3.2’’) Chip HighQ

I have it wired a little differently that is not supported by lightburn, but it works ok, so far…

Good luck


I did. That is why I am confused. If I am reading their recommendations correctly, they recommend the 5mp- 60mm but I read where someone else was using the 5 mp-140. I will check out the one that you are using.

I think my 70° fov is a little large for the distance. Mine is also an 8mp camera. I don’t think it’s too critical, mine has a wide view. The software seems to handle it well, like most of the Lightburn does.


If you were to buy again would you get the same camera?

I’ve only had it a few weeks and I have it wired through a ‘virtual camera’ via the Lightburn Pi bridge. Not really a ‘supported by lightburn’ installation.

It’s working so far but I have to run software on the Linux box to run the ‘virtual camera’ at my end.

I’ll keep shut a while, there are many with cameras, I’d hate to steer you in the wrong direction.

Give some others a chance…


I really need something pretty simple and am willing to pay a little extra for a plug and play set-up. I realize there will be calibration to do but I am not computer savvy. It sounds like you have a cool set-up.
Thanks for responding.

Thank you for the advice. My laser does have a lid but it is sturdy and so far the hydraulics are solid. The area that I can mount the camera is on an acrylic lid that when opened is near the very center of the bed approx 31" above the bed.
I am just trying to decide which camera to get. I have enjoyed reading your responses in other posts and respect your advice greatly!

Can you please be more specific, is the entire optical resolution used? how is the performance in general?

I ask because I can not buy the “original” LightBurn camera without getting rid of approx. $ 200, (tax and import duty) which I do not think is appropriate. But it is possible for me to buy something like your camera, also from China but through a European warehouse for about $ 30.

I bought mine from ebay for just under $50. I could have bought the same camera for around $25, but I’d still be waiting on it. Like a two month ‘estimated’ delivery date.

As I stated, I don’t have much experience with it yet. The machines in the garage and it’s below freezing out there. So I have ‘exercised’ it very little so far.

You can see the output in Lightburn. Keep in mind that I am running OBS to ‘virtually’ pipe the video here from the wireless Pi. I can stretch or modify the video image at my end from within OBS. I’m really clueless about OBS at this point and how it might have modified the camera image.

It calibrated and when I put the artwork ‘in’ it, it framed perfectly. I have not had this camera connected to the PC directly, so can’t comment if the video appearance is different or not.

Understand about the costs… 3d printed

For holding the camera. The lens ‘hole’ is round, but my camera has a ‘square’ type end, so I filed it out to fit. Sad picture…

Good luck :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the information :+1:

Purchased 5mp/66. Installed and working fine. Love it!

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