Measurment tool question

I was happy to see i could easily find the circumference of my cirlce path using the measurment tool. Great feature to have. However i could only highlight 1 section of path at a time, which is a 1/4 of the ellipse.

Is there a way to measure the entire shape at once? Also is there any way to leave open the measurment tool while i change the scale of my shape to the correct size?

I used to have illustrator and it had a built in function for scaling where you could enter a math equation into the size adjustment box to help solve the change of size for a given circumference. I forget the exact formula but it involved some multiplication and division to adjust the scale. Is this a function of lightburn as well?

I thought the ‘Perimeter Length’ in the measurement tool would be the circumference. Not sure though as I am not on Lightburn at the moment

The height and width gives you the diameter of your circle. diameter / 2 gives you the radius. The formula for circumference is C=2x π (3.14) x r (radius). Yes, I agree with you, it would be nice if that were done automatically, but I also agree with David Rogers that the “perimeter length” should also be your circumference. I’d check it mathematically, though, before I committed myself.

That’s a beautiful way to explain it! My explanation was a bit “dry”, factual, but dry!

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