Membership? do we have to pay

Hello, Im new to this forum and never used one brfore. So hope I do this right…
I have lightburn installed on my computer… I tried to update to the new version and it says that
my subscription had expired. I thought this was a free software, am I wrong?

LightBurn is paid software. Once you have a license you are able to use the versions available to you forever. However, the update availability period expires. The initial purchase gets you updates for a year. A renewal will get you another year from the time of the renewal.

You can purchase LightBurn here:
Buy LightBurn – LightBurn Software

Renewals are available here:
Renew your existing LightBurn License Key – LightBurn Software

The small fee for the software is %1000 worthwhile. This is the best software around for laser engravers, imho. I gladly pay the price every year with a smile on my face, knowing I will get many times the return on the cost.

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