Menu Bar > Language

This is just a comment to say that having “Language” on the menu bar seems an odd choice since it is not something that would change that much. I would think it would fit better under Edit > Settings

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agree, this is not generally a UI item

I didn’t want to bury it in a settings box for people who might not speak English. If you’ve ever changed the language on a Ruida controller from its default Chinese, you’d understand what a pain in the butt that is.

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I haven’t tried to change the language on the Ruida controller. The level of difficulty of that does not seem related to how it would be changed in LightBurn (or any other application).

Looking at other applications and how it is typically done: Inkscape, which runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, changing the language is in Edit > Preferences > Interface. It has a pulldown which defaults to “System default”. GIMP works the same way. LightBurn does not have this option in the list. I don’t recall if I explicitly selected a language when installing LightBurn, so maybe it already selects the System default language. If so, bueno.

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