Merging multiple segments with bridges into one segment

Here goes for my first question on here.

I have a design comprised of several line segments separated by bridges. This was imported from a .svg file.

I want to make the line segments into one closed shape (effectively removing the bridges). I know I can just digitise in the segments to close the gaps but I am hoping that there is an automated way to do this as there are a LOT of gaps to fill in my file.

So far I have tried - auto joining (the segments are too far apart?)
- close gaps (the segments are not one shape?)
- close gaps with tolerance (the segments are not one shape?)

Am I missing something obvious? Ideally I would like to select the segments I want as one shape, merge the segments into one object, then close the gaps.



Hi Stuart, welcome to the forum.
I just had to test your question and can (must) state that it doesn’t work here either. Even though I have worked with LightBurn for several years, I would not rule out an Error 47 (on my side).

I have a 100x100 square, break it into four segments, offset elements by 0.25mm and then try to reassemble them with the built-in functions that you also described. But as I said, it doesn’t work here either.
I’m sure someone more competent like me will come up with a logical explanation :wink:

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Hi Guys,

Firstly, thankyou Bernd for your quick reply, glad to know it was not something obvious that I was missing.

I have a partial solution, its not automatic, but it does speed up the process.

  1. Select node edit
  2. Select the node next to the first gap to fill - this will highlight the segment being edited
  3. Move the node to the same spot as the other node on the gap - this will weld the two nodes into one and highlight the now expanded segment. If it doesn’t, then you have not got the two nodes to overlap.
  4. Use the highlighted segment to find the next gap.
  5. Repeat.

This allows me to close the shape faster than I would usually do it and then I place the lightburn bridges where I want them. This then produces a shape that I can cut with or without bridges (display vs productions versions) and gives me the control over the bridges that lightburn allows.

A combine disparate segments into one object function would be nice, but this will do until then.

I’ll keep an eye on the forum in case anyone has a better way.



…it is a purely manual assembly of individual elements, and not a solution for large projects. But, as an emergency solution it is ok and probably also the “normal” way to put the pieces together :wink:
Sometimes it takes a while for the LightBurn crew to see individual posts here, but they will…

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