Messed up after save and reopen. Any ideas?

I created in LB 3 different designs, ready to send to customer for choice. I realized that I forgot to add Est. 2010. When I imported the files to modify, everything is all messed up. The saved preview shows correctly before I import it. Have not had this problem before. Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated as this needs to be lasered onto a lazy susan and shipped ASAP. Guess I’m glad I needed to go back to it before I sent it for proof. Thanks

Found my mistake after many tries. In case it might help someone later and in my case would have saved a lot of time as I must now redesign my previous work.
After you apply the text to path you must convert the text to path and then remove the path. I was copying the applied text, removing the path, and deleting the original without converting the text to path.
I will sure be glad when I learn all these little tricks.

You likely used the grid array copy - a normal copy / paste with text on a path does work, but grid copy doesn’t yet.

Yes I did use grid copy because it is what I learned in RDW, but that is in the past and I need to learn what to do in LB.
I’ll get there some day. This is still much easier and quicker because I used to design most everything in RDW node by node and letter by letter because I do not understand all the functions and terminology of CorelDraw. Heck, I don’t understand most of LB but each time something like this happens or I watch a video again, I pick up on little things that help and save a lot of time.

Well, don’t learn that way too firmly - this is going to get fixed, and hopefully soon.

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