Messed up all my settings

So I started testing my machine and after a few min of running it a got a alarm 3 lost steps error. Did some googling and tried to change some settings. Now my machine is moving on the wrong axis. Barely working and nothing is homing right. What do I do now?
here are my grbl

I’m using a Fox Alien masuter pro 40W laser.




































Seems like setting $10=0 helped with the movement but machine is showing the coordinates are in t negatives. How do I fix?

I’m trying to run this project.

ok, so my machine started working again after I dont know what I did, I removed my wireless mouse receiver and its working flawlessly. Not sure how it got fixed.

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It’s possible that any change made to settings didn’t persist.
It would be wise to compare them to the previous settings report and confirm that the settings reverted to factory.

Always save the controllers configuration before any changes are made. That ensure you have a factory copy if you hose something up…


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