Metal engraving with ATOMSTACK A5 PRO (40 watt)

Hello everyone, glad to be here.

I purchased an ATOMSTACK A5 PRO. The ATOMSTACK 20 stated it can etch/engrave on metal, but only with a darkened surface or enameled area. The ATOMSTACK 30 watt stated it “should” be darkened prior to engraving/etching. The ATOMSTACK A5 PRO states it can engrave bare metal with no blackening.

I have tried running several tests, but I’m getting nothing. I’m not sure if the material I am using is aluminum or anodized aluminum. And after watching a lot of tutorials, I still can’t seem to locate the material to be lasered upon drop down list. Can someone please help?

I think you will only have luck with stainless steel and even then the focus distance must be perfect.
I do not think you can make a black marking on alu.

Hey Deeleesaz,
I own the same machine, but haven’t tried to engrave metal, yet.
But I saw a guy on youtube who used mutstard (!) to engrave stainless steel.
He just smeared a thin layer of mustard on the metal’s surface, prior to the engraving process.

Mybe this method is worth a try ?


Edith told me the link: Edelstahl gravieren mit einem günstigen Laser. Atomstack A5 Pro von Banggood