Metalcut Mixing Parameters

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Thank you for the prompt reply. I hope that you can consider adding the functionality. Lightburn is a great product. I have three machines running of lightburn and it makes it much simpler to process jobs. The metal-non-metal machine operates perfectly from Lightburn only for lacking the mix cutting features.
I have attached the pics of the different setting required. Air assiat is handled directly from the controller.
If I can assist in anyway,please let me know.

Thank y

ou for a great product and will continue to support.


I also agreed and it is great if we can have this small settings on Lightburn. Then we do not need to use any RD software to run mix cutter.

Dear Alrich,
I am new to the mix cutter but using light burn on my RD6445 machine from Sri Lanka.
I want to cut 2mm GI sheet on my mix cutter with 400W CO2 tube.
Can you let me know the parameters to be used on mix cut settings.?
It is a great help.



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