Metallic oil rubbed bronze spray paint

With out looking I grabbed the wrong can of paint. Oh well, lets see what happens. So I burned this bird
and to my good luck, I got lucky. One picture shows a nice hawk, Ok I can live with that. Then I noticed that
the metallic bronze metal flakes melted into the etching. When you reflect the light off the tile, you will see a bronze / gold colored bird. I think it looks pretty cool. Made by accident !!

Olm2 pro, 600mm,m / 100% power


That is a cool effect.
I’m gonna have to try that.

What brand and color paint did you use?

Hello Fred - Krylon FUSION all-in-one paint+ primer “Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze”
The next time I go to town I’m going to get some metal flake spray paint and try that.